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Furthur Live at Bethel Woods on 2011-07-16

Audio Preview

Furthur Live at Bethel Woods on 2011-07-16

by Furthur

Set One:
Feel Like a Stranger
Crazy Fingers>
Cumberland Blues
Built to Last
Big Bad Blues
Playin in the Band

Set Two:
Music Never Stopped
Golden Road (to Unlimited Devotion)
Eyes of the World>
Help on the Way>Slipknot!
The Eleven>
Franklin's Tower
Comes a Time
St. Stephen>
One More Saturday Night
Donor Rap

E: U.S. Blues

Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Bethel Woods
Location Bethel, New York

Source AKG CK1x (card caps)>Naiant Tiny Box>Sony M10
Lineage M10>Adobe Audition>cdwav>flac
Taped by Tony Suraci
Transferred by Tony Suraci


Source: AKG CK1x>Naiant Tiny Box>Sony M10@24/48
Location: FOB, Left of Center, Stand at 7 feet
Transfer: M10>Adobe Audtion 3.0>Cdwav>flac16
Taped, transfered and uploaded by Tony Suraci

The Band:
Phil Lesh
Bob Weir
Jeff Chimenti
John Kadlecik
Joe Russo
Jeff Pehrson
Sunshine Becker


Reviewer: carusot205 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 14, 2011
Subject: Amazing show.
I was always so jealous looking at the '72 and '73 Dead shows and seeing comments of "I was there, this was such a great show!" and now I can finally say the same.

I loved the Feel Like A Stranger opening, some totally funky grooves goin' on there, and Cumberland was different, but still really good. I personally love Phil's vocal delivery on Bird Song, which was probably the standout of the first set for me.

The second set was all together, pretty much exactly what I would have wanted. Eyes Of The World is probably my favorite Dead tune, and Live/Dead was what got me into the Dead, so hearing The Eleven and St. Stephen really made the night for me. Plus Slipknot/Help On The Way and Franklin's Tower? I barely have the words to describe it. One final note- the Comes a Time from this set is absolutely beautiful. I had never heard it before this show and have since fallen in love with it.

They were absolutely on fire that night and I'm so happy I was able to be there. You can too if you just sit back and take a listen.

They were on fire that night and I'm so happy I have a record of it- I've listened to it several times.
Reviewer: igrowthehydro - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 14, 2011
Subject: Great Show
I streamed it and loved it...Great show. Very crisp. Enjoyed the Opener, Cumberland, Empty Cup, and the 2nd set is phat. Gr8 show. Always trying to b grateful.
Reviewer: hamstrungblues - - July 19, 2011
Subject: bethel
Streaming this. Thanks Tony.
Reviewer: pinman - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 19, 2011
Subject: Best Sound
This is the best sounding recording of the three posted thus far. Nice, crisp sound. Good positioning of the mics. Unfortunately the zip files are corrupted and can't extract. So I'll go with you other source- the nak's fo now. interesting sound there- out of phase? Or some sort of binaural arrangement?
Reviewer: richmond randy - - July 18, 2011
Subject: Zip file
corrupted, stream sounds great though.
Reviewer: LikWidTHC - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2011
Subject: First time at Bethel Woods
....and it was a great experience....possibly one of the best venues for Furthur to play! Weather was perfect and when the sun went down...even better...LOVED the second set!! soo sick...
Reviewer: karl with a k - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2011
Subject: A return to woodstock
The Bethel woods site was a great choice for Furthur. The grounds are immaculate, the staff is couteous. Security while present, stayed in the background and ignored the grounds rules concerning vendors, BBQ, and illicit substances. Traffic was easy in and not to bad geting out.(unlike Gelstin castle last summer) Hopefully Furthur will come back to Bethel woods again.

The concert started at about 7:20 pm with sunlight on most of the stage and audience. The daylight washed out the visuals on the large screen behind the stage and the closeup view screeens on each side of the stage which were barly visable.

IMHO the first set started a little slow but I was never a big fan of "feel like a stranger" My favorite of the first set was Cumberland. The 2nd set started at about 9:20 with darkness making the screens more enjoyable. To me it seemed that the 2nd set had a little more energy. But it didn't seem like they really took any tune and just cut loose and stretched it out to run with it.

The setlist didn't have any of my favorite five tunes (some of which were played the night before) On the other hand there was a total absence of the few songs that I do not care for.
Well maybe some of the Friday nights tunes will back in rotation for tomorrow night at spac.

SPAC is on state owned property. Security/state police advise you that to drive onto the property you must be willing to submit your vehicle to random search. No alchol is allowed in the parking lots. Security wandering thru the lots have test strips which are used to test liquids for alchol. Of course you can buy overpriced alcholic drinks inside the venue. Security is overbearing inside the grounds as well.
Reviewer: ATLANTAJAM - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2011
Subject: This band never ceases to amaze
What a nice show; song selection and delivery top notch...I think Jerry WOULD like this band. I'm sure you've seen the sticker> and have to agree.

Thanks for such a quick upload....Definately made my Sunday Night!
Reviewer: wharfrat71 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 17, 2011
Subject: Thanks
Suraci strikes again! Your recordings always sound great; keep up the good work! Are you traveling to the St. Aug or Alpharetta shows? I hope the boys are this hot in two weeks!!!
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